Welcome to Spiritual and Shamanic Astrology

Welcome to Spiritual & Shamanic Astrology

Just Released - The Signs: The Ancient Knowledge

The most incredible book on the astrologhical Signs
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The Signs will take you beyond what you may think astrology is. It will reveal the secret and core meanings of each of the Signs and the key they provide to understanding yourself and the people in your life. That key is knowing what your Sun Sign truly means at the level of spirit and becoming.

The glyphs and images handed down through the Ages hold two mythic stories for each Sign. You are likely familiar with the more popular version described from the perspective of culture looking in from the outside, how we get caught and become less than the promise and potential of our birth and natal chart.

The other version reveals the path back to the full expression of your Sign. The Signs describes the journey of your spirit manifesting in the world, and from that perspective, it reveals the path back to your core, to who you are at the level of your heart and soul. This book is an invitation to discover that key within yourself, towards your greater becoming. More

Being Centered - How to Live from Your Authentic Self
The must-have book to support your healing process!

Being Centered is regarded as the best book for self healing

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Being Centered pioneered a new approach to growth and the healing process. It asks two fundamental questions: How did we lose our authentic self, our connection to our core? And how do we reconnect to our center and our heart and return to our power and aliveness?

Being Centered focuses on the practical steps that take us back to our center, to who we are meant to be. This book shares unique insights and proven solutions to make real changes. It has been called the best life coach in book form. Each succeeding chapter shows a different path, a different approach back to our more authentic nature. More

A sample of reviews:

"It's a life coach in a book . . ."

"This is the BEST book on self healing I have ever come across! It should be on everybody's desk."

"The chapter that defines the differences between feelings and emotions - BRILLIANT! It as changed the way I approach people."

About Roman Oleh

" Roman Oleh Yaworsky is an established professional astrologer with decades of consulting experience and an international clientele.

A published author and educator, he has created over a dozen innovative and transforming workshops and classes that support greater clarity, growth, and transformation.

Roman brings to his clients and workshops a strong foundation that includes not only traditional and esoteric astrology but his foundation in energy healing, yoga, and spirituality.

A shamanic practitioner of Q'ero and Inca healing, Roman holds training in Resonance Repatterning ® and has been a spiritual advisor for over 30 years. He holds formal degrees in Biochemistry and Medical Illustration."


Roman's extensive background working with clients and his eclectic foundation in healing modalities have given him a solid empirical grasp of what works in Astrology, its true gifts, and practical advice for his clients.

His approach is revolutionizing astrology by revealing its true value and greatness.

In addition to his consulting practice, Roman has co-written commercial programs and has pioneered advances in presenting natal information and horoscopes in graphic form.

Take advantage of the experience and gifts that Roman has to offer.

Astrology Readings

Astrology readings package for astrologyhoroscopereadings.com

Natal Chart Readings

"I offer an astrology horoscope reading of your natal chart that helps to reveal your connection to your core and the optimal way for you to express your spirit in the world. It goes to much more depth than most readings, and as a result, typically lasts about two and a half hours."

A typical reading is divided into three parts:

The first part is an in-depth revealing of your chart, what has held you back, your gifts, and the practical keys you can use to move forward.

The second part focuses on why you are here in this life, what you came to learn, your healing journey, and the most optimal directions for your success.

The third part focuses on what has been happening to you and the patterns that await you in the coming year, focusing on the optimal approaches you can take to recover the gifts in your experiences.

Your astrology horoscope reading, whether in person or by phone, includes an audio CD recording of your session, a 35-page report created by Roman Oleh Yaworsky, and state-of-the-art color natal astrology charts.

Relationship Readings

Relationship Astrology readings package for astrologyhoroscopereadings.com

Relationship readings reveal the underlying energetic patterns and interactions each brings to their relationships. This reading provides the clarity and insights to support resolution and harmony.

Annual Reviews

Preparing you for your challenges astrologyhoroscopereadings.com

For those clients that seek to progress in their journey of transformation and growth, Roman offers quarterly, semi-annual and annual sessions that clarify the events in their lives, the underlying message, and gifts.

Astrology & Life Coaching

Take life coaching to the next level!. Using your horoscope, Roman can help you accelerate your path to growth and success. It is also valuable to have a greater understanding of your gifts, life direction, and the path to success. In this way, you can put your efforts in the direction that is most optimal and rewarding for you.

Astrology & Energy Healing

Take advantage of Roman's strong foundation in astrology and shamanic healing. Your horoscope can reveal where healing can be most effectively applied, as well as provide a map of your healing journey.

Astrology Articles that may interest you!

The stages and path of Mercury Retrograde

The Mercury Retrograde Cycle: 3 phases and 4 sensitive Points

The Mercury Retrograde Cycle appears like clockwork, three or four times a year. This article examines the important components within the cycle and how they contribute to the phenomena.

Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn: The Corporate Midlife Crisis

Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn: The Corporate Midlife Crisis

In many ways, Corporations also experience a mid-life crisis during their early 40's.

How Old is Astrology: The Pyramids and Sphinx of Egypt are now believed to be over 12,000 years old

How Old is Astrology?

The traditional belief about the antiquity of astrology traces its roots back to ancient Greece and to what has been purported to be the cradle of civilization: Mesopotamia and the bronze age culture of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Recent discoveries have revealed a much older origin.

Astrological Clock, Prague. An image to illustrate how astrology works, by Roman Oleh Yaworsky

How Does Astrology Work?

Astrology is a very ancient system that has maintained its relevance as a spiritual science, linking our inner experience with our outer participation with the phenomenal world around us. Through the movement of the planets against a moving sky, astrology can appear to act as a giant clock on the one hand, as well as the most advanced functional quantum computer humanity has ever created.

Astrology and Fate: a closeup of Vitruvius depiction of the macrocosm

Astrology and Fate

The patterns that lay before us are fairly certain. However it does not mean that they are fated. Let me explain.

Astrology is a spiritual science

Astrology is a Spiritual Science

Astrology has always been a spiritual science that bridges the inner reality with the outer phenomenal world around us.

The Challenge of Transits: An article by Astrologer Roman Oleh Yaworsky

Transits: Some Perspective

The planets continue to move after we are born, forming new harmonic relationships to our natal chart, allowing us to interpret how our life unfolds. But we must never forget our contribution to that unfoldment.

Astrology and the Other Sciences

Sir Isaac Newton and the early Spiritual Scientists. www.astrologyhroscopereadings.com

The Split Between Science and Astrology: A Short History

In the last few hundred years, an artificial split occurred that separated modern science from the inner spiritual sciences. As a bridge between the two, Astrology was caught in the crossfire.

Astrological Clock, Prague. An image to illustrate how astrology works, by Roman Oleh Yaworsky

Putting Astrology Down: Why Science is Still an Adolescent

Have you ever wondered why some people who claim to be 'scientists' tend to put astrology down in a way that convinces you that they have no clue what astrology is? This article looks at the relationship of science to astrology from a cultural and historical perspective.

The Antikythera mechanism.

Modern Science is Not the only Science

Over time, modern science has come to behave as if it is the only science, and that its approach is the only valid approach. Modern science has also gone one step further, by declaring other approaches as ‘unscientific’ because they do not use the same approach to acquire knowledge.

Voyager plaque

Validation in Science, Mathematics, and Astrology

Occasionally, astrology has been questioned in terms of its validity by modern science. However, both work because of their own respective process of validation. Any system of knowledge grows when it maintains an integrity with the information that it acquires.

Freud and Carl Jung

Psychology's Invasion of Astrology

Astrology is not psychology. It does not follow the psychological paradigm in any way. And yet, quite a few writers, some that are psychologists and others that claim to be psychologists, have made efforts to redefine astrology from their own vision of what it is, based on their psychological school, training, or belief system.

Albert Einstein is a revered symbol for the religious side of science

Is Science a Religion?

Although it may pose itself as the antithesis of religion, science in many ways behaves as if it were a religion. This article examines science through a religious and philosophical lens.

The Big Bang.

The Religion of Science

In many ways, science behaves not only as a religion but as the only valid religion. As a result, much of what it excludes as not scientific has little to do with validity but with non-conformance to its own beliefs.

The search for unity in the diversity of science

Search for Unity in Science's Diversity

Science has tried to reconcile its search for a unifying principle in understanding nature with the contradiction of its increasing differentiation of disciplines

The art of cherry picking in Science

The Art of Cherry Picking in Science

From the very beginning, even the pillars of modern science found ways to 'improve' the performance of their data.

Is science really objective? The mars effect

The Price of Scientific Objectivity

In the Psychology of Science, Abraham Maslow wrote about the process of objectification that occurs out of necessity in the course of becoming a medical doctor.

Scientific totalism excludes everything that is not processed by the scientific method.

Scientific Totalism

Modern science behaves very much like a totalistic system. In that respect, it has followed the path of other totalistic systems in defining a world-view where its own beliefs and defining principles are the only valid approach and understanding of the world around us.

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