Sun in Taurus



The Bull has symbolized Taurus for thousands of years, because having cattle meant that you had wealth and value. One meaning of the horns is that it represents the moon and the willingness to receive. The tail is enthusiasm leaping forwards towards the future, open to luck and receiving.

Taurus seeks value in matter, in what matters and to valuing the processes and steps to achieving anything of value. Taurus seeks stability and practical, reliable routines that maintain value. There is a pull towards acknowledgment with word, cards or gifts.

When Taurus is pulled out of there sense of value or being valued, there is a resistance to losing value and the tendency is to become stubborn or possessive.

The return to value follows self-validation and self-valuing through acknowledging personal efforts and by asserting value through taking care of core feelings and self-worth. The ideal relationship with the world is that of Gratitude.


The Astrological Sign Taurus is aligned with the body facing backwards, but the head and eyes face forwards and up, with the neck turned in the left direction. Taurus maintains the value they have accumulated, but is open towards the future with their receptive side.

The Taurus astrology sign and the related areas of the body. Image copyright 2014 Roman Oleh Yaworsky,

Taurus is associated with the neck. The upper part of the Glyph outlines the chin. The neck, which includes the upper part of our spinal chord controls our posture, the grace of our movements and the expression of the arms, face and vocal chords with which we share value with others.

Taurus rules the throat, neck and voice and is associated with money, beauty, sensuality, wealth and value through self effort.

Key Words and Phrases

Taurus is Self-Valuing:
Material stability, Value, Valuing, Acknowledgment, Gratitude, Practical, Reliable

When Taurus Allows their Value to be Defined by Others:
Possessive, Stubborn, Accumulating

Famous People with Sun in Taurus
Tony Blair, Bono, Johannes Brahms, Charlotte Bronte, James Brown, Robert Browning, Catherine the Great, Bing Crosby, Cher, George Clooney, Stephen Colbert, Gary Cooper, Penelope Cruz, Duke Ellington, Queen Elizabeth II, Tina Fey, Sigmund Freud, Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, Dwayne Johnson, Saddam Hussein, Jet Li, Karl Marx, George Lucas, Shirley MacLaine, Florence Nightingale, Betty Page, Michelle Pfeiffer, Pope John Paul II, William Shakespeare, James Stewart, Barbara Streisand, Shirley Temple, Uma Thurman

Moon in Taurus

With the moon in Taurus there is a feeling or need for material stability and groundedness, a sense of steady progress and routine. Often the mother is experienced as being traditional or reliable.

When there is a sense of loss of value, the response may be an avoidance of change, weight gains or mood swings.

Taurus and Mercury Retrograde

Taurus can set themselves up for challenges with the Mercury Retrograde Cycle when they do not take care of their boundaries, when they allow others to determine their value, and when they fail to protect the necessary steps they need in order to achieve their goals.

An over focus on outer value or outer form can also set Taurus up when it ignores function or true value. This can occur for example in the process of acquiring something and not taking care to read the fine print, conditions of sale or delivery. It can also occur when something is acquired that can not be afforded.