Sun in Sagittarius

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The Depiction of Sagittarius

The ancient image for Sagittarius is the Centaur archer, half human, half wild. It is that connection between the two that allows Sagittarius to hear the inner truth and follow their intuition.

Sagittarius is associated with the largest group of muscles in the body, the extensors in the thighs. It also is associated with the triceps of the arms, which hold a similar function.

The Expression of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is pulled to expansion, optimism, and adventure, leading to interests in philosophy, religion, higher education, and travel. There is often a focus on society, ethics, and culture.

When pulled out of their inner knowing, intuition, and trust, Sagittarius can over-generalize without checking the facts or other people's beliefs.

The expansive energy of Sagittarius comes from a deep trust in the intuition that arises from the core and spirit. It becomes a source of inner knowing and leads to faith in the future. This expansiveness is the secret to the luck that follows faith.

Sagittarius is associated with the thighs, the largest muscles in the body. It is identified with exploration, higher learning, religions, faith, social structures, humor, and nature.

Key Words and Phrases

When Sagittarius is Established in Trust & Inner Knowing:

Expansive, Adventurous, Optimistic Philosophical, Own truth Trust, Faith Love of nature.

When Sagittarius Loses Connection to Trust and Intuition

Judgmental, Blunt, Generalizing, Feeling Unlucky.

People with the Sun in Sagittarius

Christina Aguilera, Woody Allen, Jane Austen, Tyra Banks, Winston Churchill, Sir Arthur Clarke, Miley Cyrus, Sami Davis Jr., Walt Disney, Jane Fonda, Jamie Foxx, Kirk Douglas, Amy Grant, Billy Idol, Leonid Brezhnev, Bruce Lee, John Malkovich, Harpo Marx, Cris Mathews, Bette Midler, Jim Morrison, Little Richard, George Santanyana, Britney Spears, Steven Spielberg, Joseph Stalin, Jon Stewart, Ben Stiller, Taylor Swift, Mark Twain, Tina Turner.

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Moon in Sagittarius

With the Moon in Sagittarius, there is a feeling for personal truth and a need for expansion. One feels and needs nature, adventure, travel, and new horizons. Often the mother is experienced as free, loving nature, and adventurous.

When not connected to their inner knowing and intuition, the Moon in Sagittarius increases their sensitivity if their beliefs and assumptions are not accepted.

Sagittarius and Mercury Retrograde

The classic way that Sun in Sagittarius sets themselves up for the Mercury Retrograde Cycle is to ignore the details, checking or asking others for their input because there is a sense of 'knowing' what they are doing.

When that 'knowing' comes from intuition or an inner sense of our truth, it can lead to the next positive expansion. But just as easily, if it does not come from this place but instead comes from judgment based on a false premise, it can lead to difficulties.

The hint is often in the details we ignore. It occurs in much the same way as when we are trying to lose weight and decide to take a break from checking our weight for a few days. Of course, this is when it goes up. Similarly, when Sagittarius avoids checking the facts because they think they are right, then they need to re-examine their stance because it is then that they are at risk of setting themselves up.

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