Sun in Leo

The astrological sign Leo, showing the fighting stance of the Lion, left paw ahead of the right, facing and risking forward. . Image copyright 2014 Roman Oleh Yaworsky,

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The Expression of Leo

Leo tends to shine and offer encouragement. It is a royal quality that takes natural pride in the accomplishments that come from embracing the full radiance of their potential. In that respect, Leo tends to encourage others to reconnect to that same enthusiasm and to the courage of their own hearts. When people are stressed in a social situation, such as having to give a talk, they tend to automatically seek out contact with Leo's energy, often through eye contact, to regain assurance and encouragement.

When Leo loses connection to their natural enthusiasm and trust in the shining of their own heart, they tend to seek to recapture that experience of shining by seeking attention, the spotlight, or through pride or arrogance. Leo may often choose to hide to protect their pride until they regain the natural expression of their heart.

Leo rules the heart and is associated with leadership, risk, gambling, gold, children, and pride.

Key Words and Phrases

When Leo Is Established in their Heart and Shining:

Shining, Generosity, Encouraging, Proud, Courageous, Creative, Playful, Generous, Good hearted, Sunny, Shining.

When Leo Loses the Enthusiasm of their Own Heart:

Attention-seeking, Arrogant, Bossy, Hiding.

People with the Sun in Leo

Ben Affleck, Neil Armstrong, Halle Berry, Usain Bolt, Sandra Bullock, Kate Bush, Fidel Castro, Rosalynn Carter, Hugo Chavez, Dick Cheney, Julia Child, Bill Clinton, Robert De Niro David Duchovny, Amelia Earhart, Henry Ford, Dustin Hoffman, Mick Jagger, Carl Jung, Jackie Kennedy, Jennifer Lopez, Napoleon, Sean Penn, Oscar Peterson, J.K. Rowling, Robert Redford, Martha Stewart, Hillary Swank, Billy Bob Thorton, Mae West, Steve Wozniak, Orville Wright.

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The Depiction of Leo

The Lion symbolizes the capacity for Leo to encourage and lead. In that depiction, Leo leads with their left paw and moves forward with their left leg, symbolizing their connection with their heart and courage. The tail is expressing their enthusiasm.

The Glyph of Leo symbolizes the shining from the heart, encouraging the hearts of others.

Leo is associated with the area of the heart and its outward expression.


Moon in Leo

With the Moon in Leo, there is a feeling or need to shine, to seek appropriate recognition, attention, or praise. There tends to be generosity towards others and sharing or nurturing through encouragement. Often the mother is experienced as prideful in showing a Leo child off.

When not taking care of their enthusiasm and feelings, people with the Moon in Leo may grandstand or show off to receive attention or protect their pride by hiding to avoid attention or the spotlight when they feel off.

Leo and Mercury Retrograde

Leo can set themselves up for mercury retrograde by the need to shine, be generous, or have an appreciative audience experience. When Leo acts out of pride or the need to make a grand gesture, they may overlook the consequences. For example, they may end up picking up the tab in the restaurant but forget how it may affect their account balance or be over-generous with their offer of time or support. When others take them up on it, they find themselves juggling their schedule and priorities.

When caught by their pride, Leo can be at risk of taking on tasks beyond their experience or abilities. For example, over-confidence can pull Leo to risk or let the dice roll without assessing their choices' full consequences.

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