Energy AwarenessTM

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all of our classes have been suspended. We are however, in the process of creating classes and healing interactions on-line. Stay tuned for updates.

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Energy Awareness

The original version offers 16 General Continuing Education Credits and Units. CEU's are available, through SpiritUnleashed, provider #50-12290, CSW, MFT, HC and LMTs as well as Licensed Midwives, Psychologists (with board review) and other eligible healing professionals.

We live our lives in a sea of energy and energetic interactions with others. How we navigate this sea and its currents has great bearing on our successes and our own state. Learn to walk through life with energetic protection, and the awareness of the energies that surround you.

This two-day workshop will help you become more aware of your energetic interactions andlearn to strengthen, improve, and protect yourself at the level of your energy, well-being and effectiveness in working with others, both at a personal and at a professional level.

Energy Awareness™ clearly defines the factors that may negatively impact our physical, emotional and energetic well-being, offering practical demonstrations and interactive practices to reduce the harmful impact and remedies 'where' the energy is drained.

In this training, the student will learn the tools and modalities to help protect, maintain and strengthen their state and well-being and learn how ‘clear the air’, to recharge yourself and your working environment in real time.

Instructor: Susana Sorí

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