Relationship Readings

Becoming more aware of your interactions with others is invaluable in improving your relationships.

At one level everything we do is in relationship. As we interact with others, what is reveled are our strengths, weaknesses and how we perceive the people around us and our own contribution in our relationships. 

An astrology reading of your relationship can provide a map; a comprehensive overview of the dynamics of your relationship, It can reveal what holds it back and what directions help to move it forward.

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About Children's Astrology Readings

As a general rule, Roman does not do astrology readings of children, for two very important reasons:

First of all, many of the traits and personality patterns revealed in an astrology reading have not yet developed at an early age, and a parent’s expectations can greatly interfere with their normal development.

The second reason is that it is inappropriate from a karmic and ethical standpoint. An astrology reading by Roman is a very revealing portrait that extends to a client’s path in life and their relationship to their spirit and soul. It requires the informed permission of the client, and children are not in a position to provide informed consent. A similar attitude is applied to couples. A reading of someone else’s chart can not be done without their permission.

A relationship astrology reading compares two natal charts. It is an invaluable way to reveal the dynamics of the relationship, to determine the major patterns, and to offer a map that shows where our relationship can grow, expand, and reach its greater potential.

The advantage that astrology has over other forms of intervention, is that it is blame neutral. Astrology reveals the pattern and the underlying dynamics, as they are, without having to go into the past, over who said what, or whose fault it is.

What Roman advises, is to have your own astrology reading done first.

In that way there is an opportunity to own your chart, patterns and projections. It is more productive and of greater value to improve your stance as a role model for your child, then to make them responsible for being what you desire of them. Then, your children’s chart information can be place on top of your chart to reveal the interactions between the two of you, in order to clarify and reveal the tendencies and major patterns that can be adjusted between the two of you. Largely it is the new insights and awarenesses that emerge that can help to shift issues towards a more positive outcome.

There are certain situations where Roman will do a reading of a child’s chart, if it is deemed appropriate. These circumstances can occur when their are serious medical or behavioral issues or when a parent is at a loss of how to positively engage their child. Nevertheless, the first stage in supporting the parent is to have a reading done of the parent and their interaction with the child, before a reading can be done for the child. The governing principle is to do no harm, and that extends to not creating situations that invite harm no matter how good the intentions may be.

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