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Astrologer Roman Oleh Yaworsky -Astrology Relationship Readings, in-person and by phone

Becoming more aware of your interactions with others is invaluable in improving your relationships.

In addition to being a master astrologer, Roman is also an established Life Coach, Spiritual Coach and Energy Medicine Practitioner. Take advantage of the integrated approach that Roman offers to help you reach your goals and path to success.

Using astrology, Roman can help pinpoint your optimal paths to success, what tends to hold you back and what you can do to move forward more effectively and towards your greater becoming.

Astrology can also reveal the challenges and opportunities as they occur in real time. It is very helpful to recognize what is around you and what is before you.

Astrology is like a map that lets you see where you are and where you are going, what lies ahead, and how to go around obstacles. It also clarifies not only the path to your goals, but gives you greater clarity about yourself and what that goal really is.

The First Step to Success: Start Out on the Right Foot

Life coachingcan take many paths, forms and directions. Many peoplecall themselves life coaches, when they are reallytherapists, counselors, exercise trainers, NLPpractitioners or psychologists. Some have a depth ofexperience and training, others do not. UnfortunatelyLife Coaching is an unregulated field, and many peopleput up a shingle and a diploma, with no otherbackground than sitting through a short course or adozen hours of training.

If you are seeking to improve the trajectory of your life or to advance towards a goal, it is important who you choose to help you. Otherwise, you risk wasting a lot of time adjusting to their game. Make sure it feels right for you, and you are not just being convinced to give them a try.

Choose the Right Direction

The other waythat people start out on the wrong foot, is that theytend to focus on the goal, and ignore where they arestarting from. It matters if you are seeking to provesomething to someone else, if you are trying to improveyour career or you are seeking greater alignment andsuccess.

Often, peopleput a lot of effort in trying to improve or fixsomething in their lives, when in reality, they aregoing in the wrong direction, and don't realize it.They ignore what the universe is telling them, becausethey are over focused on the goal.

The greatadvantage of combining astrology and life coaching isthat astrology reveals your better paths to success andthe tendencies you may hold that get you caught or gothe wrong way.

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Find the Right People

Roman oftencombines his life coaching with Susana Sorí, who inaddition to being a life coach, has an establishedpractice as a healer and certified energy medicine andResonance Repatterning ® practitioner.

Susana alsobrings a wealth of experience in leadership training,conflict resolution and management support from herprofessional background in the corporate and humanrelations fields.

Where are You Going?
How Will You Get There?
What Holds You Back From Realizing Your Dreams?

Take advantage of the integrated approach that Roman offers.

By combiningEnergy Medicine and Healing with Life Coaching, youhave the opportunity of letting go of what is holdingyou back at the very beginning of your journey.

By combiningAstrology with Life Coaching, you have the opportunityto see the large picture, of where you are staring fromand where you are going.

We can helpyou get there. Let us partner with you towards yoursuccess.