The Challenge of Transits: The Third Way

 The Challenge of Astrological Transits:


Transits when they are challenging are often like a riptide or strong current pulling you away from the shore.

If you are a swimmer, there are three choices: you can struggle against the current, and if you are successful, you may be able to fight the current and return to shore safely. You do risk exhausting yourself, and this could be disastrous.

You can go with the current, but then it can take you so far out of reach of the shore, that you are lost.

Or you can swim across the current, and that way move out of its influence with the least amount of effort.

Most people struggle with the challenging aspects.

They fight the changes in their lives and they fight the issues that they have been ignoring or often suppressing for some time. During intense transits, that fight can be painful and draining. At times, it may feel as if things are conspiring against them.

Unfortunately, some people use astrology as a means to either avoid transits or to fight them, and this is not always the wisest or most productive approach.

Transits are NOT the Cause

The Third Way is to take advantage of the transit

The third way, is to change your focus, you self assessment and your priorities in the wake of a challenge.

This time, you choose not to react from the periphery of your personality, from your wounds and acquired baggage. This time you seek reconnection to one’s core. From the periphery of the personality, where we are often caught, we seek results by reacting to the changes around us to preserve our false sense of who we are, and it is a constant struggle when the universe does not agree with our false sense.

The foundation of this struggle is that we try to ground ourselves in the ways that we have accommodated to others, in the ways that we have sacrificed our true nature, and have allowed ourselves to be separated from our core. In many ways the pain of our struggle to maintain the solidity of our false identification with our adaptation for others is the pain of our separation from our core. In this stance, we identify with our peripheral stance and with previous peripheral stances, which means in effect that we identify with our past wounds and emotions. We make our reactions real and we objectify our connection with our heart.

The third way is to reconnect to our center, to become objective with our outbound reactions and make our connection to our heart real. From this place, we can make realistic responses to the changes and challenges around us with reference to who we are, what we feel and what we want. In this way we create destiny in accordance to our passion, our will and our joy, not a destiny that follows the whims of others or that is divorced from our own best interests.

More often than not, the more difficult the transit, the more the universe is asking us to respond from out true nature and abandon that which keeps us from being ourselves.

An astrologer may say that a planet position relates to this or that, but please be mindful that it is an interpretation of symbols, and an interpretation of a kind of larger clock.  Everything is in flow and motion, and it is your own choices and growth that change not only the clock, but what it means.

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