Astrology & Fate

Astrology and Fate: The Macrocosm and Microcosm of Vitruvius

Vitruvius: The macrocosm and microcosm, an adaptation of a 16th century woodcut by Robert Flud. Credit Zachariel, Wikipedia, public domain.

Many people associate astrology with fate. They may feel that getting an astrology reading is like finding out how things have already been predetermined, and that the reading will reveal the inevitable outcomes.

Astrology does not work that way. It is not that astrology cannot be used to accurately predict things. It is that people often misunderstand fate and how astrology works, or how any science works for that matter.

We live in a society that for the last few hundred years has embraced fate. Our view of the universe is highly rooted in a linear sense of time, in a belief in causality, action and reaction. It is a very objectified stance that requires that everything behave as a mechanism, and that in order for any belief, system of knowledge or perception of the world to be valid, it must be described and understood from a viable mechanistic viewpoint. In other words, if you don’t know how it works, then its validity is questionable.

Astrology bridges the inner world
with the outer world.

It works both with time as a linear process and it reveals how we tune to the universe as a non-causal, resonance process.

Like any tool, what it does has a lot to do with who uses it. In the last few centuries, both the use and popular understanding of astrology has shifted towards a linear and causal interpretation of our lives and the universe around us.

However, at its core, astrology is fundamentally a spiritual science that opens up to us the opportunities to change our internal and external relationships from the standpoint of our true nature and sprit.

In order to use astrology in this way, requires that the practitioner be already establishn their awareness of spirit themselves.


Astrology, Coincidence and Relationship

Not everything works because it is a mechanism, or because it is the result of an action or a causal pattern of events.

Another way of looking at the world and making sense of it, is to see it from the standpoint of relationship. Some things seem to be related. That relationship can be causal, but it doesn’t have to be.

Often times we may have the experience of seemly unrelated events occurring in such a way that they seem profoundly related, and yet, from a causal point of view, there is no apparent reason that ties them together.

Typically, people dismiss this as coincidence. By coincidence, they mean that these are random events that are not related, but are simply occurring, and we make them related because we notice them that way,

Most of us remember in science, we were taught that energy and matter takes the form of particles and waves. From the classical physics point of view, and from the perspective of particles, atoms and objects, it makes sense that if there is no causal relationship between things, then they have come together based on chance.

However, when we look at the interaction of waves and quantum theory, we are forced to re-examine the whole concept of co-incidence. In fact the whole concept of co-incidence from the standpoint of quantum theory and wave interaction is the reverse understanding. Everything is inter-connected. Waves, unlike particles continue on to infinity. It is just that their intensity decreases significantly over distance. But even at a great distance, wave interaction occurs. We are able to tune and amplify waves from stars at great distances, and we are able to pick up the background vibrations that relate to the original universe expansion (the 'big bang') even to this day.

Why this is important from the standpoint of fate, is that when we view the universe from the standpoint of objects and particles, from a linear causality, then we may be convinced that we live in a world of fate, with fated outcomes. And from that perspective, astrology can reveal your fated interaction with the universe.

Astrology can free you from the grip of fatedness.

On the other hand, if you realize that your experience of the universe depends on what you tune to, to what you resonate with, to what you relate to and to what you do not relate to, then astrology reveals how you co-create your own universe, your own experience of the reality around you.

This is not the path of fate, it is the path that begins to free you, where your choices are revealed to you through a greater understanding of who you are, what you choose not from reaction but from what you resonate with, and what is revealed from what you tune to and what you amplify.

This path of astrology is not fate based. This path of astrology can free you, This offering of astrology is why it is a spiritual science.

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