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In-person sessions for Miami and South Florida.
Phone sessions for out of town and international clients.

Audio CDs of of the session, a printed report, and color horoscope are complimentary.

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Natal Astrology Reading Details

In order to provide the depth and the necessary information to support a client’s positive transformation, Roman provides an extensive astrology reading in three parts:

Part 1: An in-depth reading that addresses the challenges and opportunities in your natal astrology chart.

Part 2: Your personal healing journey and optimal direction for success in this lifetime

Part 3: A look at what has been happening to you lately, and the best preparation for the following year.

What information do I need to have in order to have a chart reading with Roman?

You will need your date, time and place of birth and time of birth. Note that aside from family recollections, the time of birth may be available from hospital records, church, or municipal records in some countries.

When emailing your birth information, please write the date out in longhand, in order to remove any confusion. Also, include the nearest large city next to your place of birth, just to be sure, as some states and countries have more than one town with the same name.

What if I don't know my time of birth?

Not a problem. Roman has developed his astrology readings with emphasis on those elements that do not depend on knowing the time of birth. Often, Roman may spend several minutes at the beginning of your reading to determine a best fit for your time of birth, as a matter of course.

Your Questions

Don't wait to the end of your reading to ask the important questions!

Before the day of the reading, contemplate why you are asking for the reading at this time, what the issues are that require more clarity and your main concerns.

Roman typically prepares your session the night before the reading. It is best to email your concerns by that time, so that they can be addressed and any necessary preparation can be initiated.

In Depth Astrology Readings

With Roman Oleh Yaworsky

One of the great values in having an astrology reading done, is that it gives you a map of your tendencies, patterns, habits and needs. It also reveals where you tend to get caught and your path towards success.

What makes an astrology reading with Roman unique, is the depth of the reading in revealing your practical choices and opportunities to move forward, towards your greater becoming. Roman’s readings bring to light your relationship with your core, spirit and your soul. That relationship defines the level of joy, power and effectiveness that you bring into your life.

For most people, much of our experience, both in childhood and in our adult lives has been a process of adapting to the needs and expectations of others: as children faced with our parent’s expectations, and later as students, in our careers and in our relationships, we are pulled to define who we are by the needs of others. Over time, these experiences and the resulting choices we make tend to pull us out of harmony with our inherent nature, with the source of our aliveness and effectiveness.

An astrology reading with Roman, brings back into focus the greater picture. It shows you where and for what reasons you may have been held back from owning your greatness and full potential. Even more importantly, it will show you the way back to who you were meant to be.

Astrology Readings by Phone

Astrology Readings in-Person or by Phone

Most of Roman’s astrology readings are done over the phone, as his clients come from all over the world.

Typically readings last for about 2 to 2 and a half hours and are recorded and later transferred to CDs, which are mailed to the client. A comprehensive natal astrology report is complimentary and for phone sessions, can be sent by email as a pdf. Also for phone clients, prior to the reading, the natal chart and other supporting graphics are emailed as pdfs to the client.

A deposit is required prior to a reading by phone. Audio CDs and other supporting documents from the reading will be mailed after receiving full payment.

Roman believes in follow-up. As part of the package, you are entitled to email questions that may come up afterwards as a result of the reading. In addition, a 10 minute follow-up session is available at no charge, if it helps to clarify any part of the reading.

Reading Costs

A full reading, lasting 2 to 2.5 hours with report, printed color charts and audio recording:
$250 US.

After you have had a full natal reading with Roman, second reading reveals the hidden gifts and optimal approaches to the  events unfolding in your life. It is a great way to stay on track. Approximately 1.5 hours, includes an audio recording and report: $195 US

Roman's Natal Astrology Report

Romans natal astrology report is based upon his direct experience working with clients, for over two decades. What makes this astrology report unique is the depth to which the report identifies the key underlying tendencies, strengths and challenges for each client. The report addresses both the outward interactions with others, and a clients inner relationship with their spirit and core.