The Signs: The Ancient Knowledge

The Signs will take you beyond what you may think astrology is. It will reveal the secret and core meanings of each of the Signs and the key they provide to understanding yourself and the people in your life. That key is knowing what your Sun Sign truly means at the level of spirit and becoming.

The glyphs and images handed down through the Ages hold two mythic stories for each Sign. You are probably familiar with the more popular version described from the perspective of culture looking in from the outside, how we get caught and become less than the promise and potential of our birth and natal chart.

The other version reveals the path back to the full expression of your Sign. The Signs describes the journey of your spirit manifesting in the world, and from that perspective, it reveals the path back to your core, to who you are at the level of your heart and soul. This book is an invitation to discover that key within yourself, towards your greater becoming.

Inner Journeys

Each Sun Sign also reveals ancient knowledge of the human condition, what we are as human beings at the level of our energetics, the chakras, the soul, and our relationship to spirit.

If you seek greater clarity of your inner spiritual anatomy and what makes us human, it may be revealing to read what each Sign contributes to that knowledge.

Color, two columns, 210 pages, over 200 original illustrations.

Softcover: 8x10, hardcover: 8.25x11.

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