Transits: Some Perspective

Astrology Transist: Some Perspective.

Your natal birth chart reveals your tendencies of how you act in the world, how you act within yourself, what you are attracted to, what you resonate with and what you avoid, and do not resonate with. In this way, you tend to create your future.

These resonances can change over time. Some of these changes occur in the way we relate one part of ourselves with another. In life we do this by integration, by accepting the various parts of ourselves, by becoming more whole, through growth, and learning.

After we are born, the planets continue to move. As they do so, they form new energetic relationships to those in our birth positions. This is the astrological description of how our life unfolds. However, these events and energetic patterns can pull us out of our center, out of our core and our true nature.

Ultimately, on one level, as our life unfolds, our journey and our lessons are really about reconnection to our core, of being in the moment, in flow, in our own joy and personal power.

Our life experiences challenge us to respond, shift, grow and progress towards a greater integration and awareness of our make-up and our patterns of interaction. As we grow we begin to reopen in greater acceptance of who we truly are and to act in the world with our courage and integrity of our hearts.

Transits are NOT the Cause

One point I need to make. The planets in your chart and the planets moving around in the sky, are NOT the cause of what is happening to you.

At one level, your birth chart and the transits to it is like a moving clock, that symbolizes or provides information. When you look at a clock and it says 9 am on Monday, you know that many people are at work, the traffic is still busy, the sun is low in the sky and that it will get warmer later in the day.

The clock, it’s interpretation, and what is happening in the world are intimately related. There is no question that what the clock shows is valid. There is no question that each transit carries tendencies and patterns. But the texture, the personal experience varies according to the individual and their state, and with how they use each transit; whether they use it to further themselves, or to hide from growth. The clock does not control events, it only indicates them, and YOU have the freedom to choose what to do. Ultimately it is your freedom and the choices that you make that matter.

An astrologer may say that a planet position relates to this or that, but please be mindful that it is an interpretation of symbols, and an interpretation of a kind of larger clock. Everything is in flow and motion, and it is your own choices and growth that change not only the clock, but what it means.

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