2018 Mercury Retrograde Calendar

The extent of the influence of Mercury


When Mercury is retrograde, we tend to notice more issues in the areas of communication, in the way we interact with others and in our surroundings and neighborhood. It may also show up in our travel, the way we get around and in our interaction with our siblings.

Mercury Retrograde: Detials of the five distinct Mercury retorograde phases and the 4 sensitive points during Merucury's path Copyright 2012 Roman Oleh Yaworsky

Mercury Retrograde Phases

January 2018 Completion of Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

Please note that this calendar begins on a MondayJanuary 2018 Mercury Retrograde Copyright 2017 www.astrologyhoroscopereadings.com Roman Oleh Yaworsky

2018 begins at the tail end of a Mercury Retrograde cycle where Mercury entered the Post-Shadow after going direct on December 23, 2017 in Sagittarius (13º 00"). The Post-Shadow ends on January 10 at 4:31 pm Universal Time (11:31 am, EST).

March 2018 Retrograde in Aries

2018 Mercury Retrograde Calendar, March to June. Copyright 2017 Roman Oleh Yaworsky

The first full Mercury Retrograde cycle of 2018 begins with the Pre-Shadow on March 8 at 10:54 pm EST, and March 9 at 3:54 am UTC*.

Mercury Retrograde Station occurs at 00:19 am UTC*, on March 23, 2018 in Aries (16º 54"), and March 22 at 7:19 pm EST

Mercury goes direct on April 15 at 9:21 am UTC*, in Aries (4º 47")

Mercury leaves the Post-Shadow on May 3 at 8:59 pm UTC*, 4:59 EDT.

July 2018 Mercury Retrograde in Leo

2018 Mercury Retrograde Cycle, July to October. Copyright 2017 by Roman Oleh Yaworksy

The cycle begins with the Pre-Shadow at 2:35 pm UTC* on July 7.

Mercury Retrograde station occurs at 5:02 am UTC*, on July 26, in Leo (23º27"). Note that in North America on the west coast, the station occurs on the evening of July 25.

Mercury Direct station occurs at 4:25 am UTC* on August 19 and the late evening of August 18 on the west coast of North America.

Mercury leaves the Post Shadow on September 2 at 1:37 am UTC*, 9:37 pm DST on September 1.

December 2018 Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

Mercury Retrograde Calendar November 2018 Roman Oleh Yaworsky Asrology Horoscope Readings

Mercury rules Gemini, so its retrograde in Sagittarius, which acts as Gemini's shadow. should prove interesting! In 2017, the December retrograde in Sagittarius presented a clash between the US and the United Nations.

The cycle begins with the Pre-Shadow in Scorpio on October 29 at 12:50 am UTC* (October 28 at 8:50 pm EDT) shown on the preceding chart.

Mercury Retrograde station occurs in Sagittarius (13o30") at 1:33 am UTC* on November 17 and 9:33 pm EST on November 18.

Mercury goes direct at 9:22 pm UTC* on December 6 in Scorpio (27o16"). The Post-Shadow ends on December 24, 2018 at 11:26 am UTC*.

Please note that all times are approximate. The actual times are defined by the observer location and vary due to parallax.

* Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) replaced Greenwich Mean Time in 1961. They are often used interchangeably.

The Full description of each cycle is found here

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