Free Your Destiny: Move Beyond Your FateTM

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An introduction to the deep chakras

Overcome Your Fatefull Habits

Free Your DestinyTM reveals how the way we hold and store our emotions and past impressions influences how we feel on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, the choices we make and direct affects on our body and even our destiny.

Learn how the chakras and other energetic systems hold our past wounds and how the process extends into our body and to our endocrine, nervous and muscular systems.

This two day workshop will provide a deeper understanding of the energetic relationships of the physical body with its luminous anatomy.

If you are in the healing professions, learn how to recognize the results of fate in your client's bodies and help them release it.

This workshop introduces techniques and modalities to clear the residue of past impressions and the ways to move forward in your choices.

Free Your DestinyTM shows you the key to your own ability to heal and choose your destiny in each moment.

The original version offers 16 General Continuing Education Credits and Units CEU's are available, through SpiritUnleashed, provider #50-12290, CSW, MFT, HC and LMTs as well as Licensed Midwives, Psychologists (with board review) and other eligible healing professionals.

Free Your DestinyTM reveals the key understanding of the mechanisms behind the way we create our fate and destiny, not only in the world around us and between the people in our lives, but also in our bodies. It addresses the means by which we can free our bodies, energy and spirit from the patterns that hold us back, and keep us trapped in our fate.

This workshop is especially vital for those working with people in the healing professions. It offers a practical approach for staying centered and healthy around your clients.

Summary of Course Content:

An introduction to an understanding of what fate and destiny are at the practical level.

A brief overview from a historical and cultural perspective

The nature of fate and destiny and its relevance to those in the healing professions

How we create and hold the consequence of fated choices in our physical bodies and energetic systems

The engine of fate and destiny; how our patterns, habits and tendencies to hold negative experiences

Why we hold on to our wounded experiences in our bodies and energetic systems

How to release the effects of fate and disharmonious experiences from our systems

Instruction and supervision of practical modalities for clearing, and clearing between client sessions

Practical exercises and modalities to release what we tend to hold

The effects of resonance: How what we tune to or avoid influences our life choices

Where the effects of fate gather in our physical bodies

Recognizing and avoiding the 12 traps of fate

Practical tools and modalities for participants to take with them to help them align with destiny

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